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LG E10 LG V700 10.1-inch Tablet – with smartphone pairing

The LG G Pad 10.1 (v700) tablet features My Launch Pad, the tablet that is aimed at making your life simple, with multitasking, expansive 10.1-inch IPS display, long lasting 8000mAh battery, seamless connectivity with Q pair 2.0 and Knock Code for security and instant access.


The Tablet is powered by quad-core Snapdragon processor with 1GB of RAM enough to power you through every day use and ensure smooth performance.

Customisations such as QPair to connect with an Android Smartphones to send and receive calls and text from the tablet, Dual Window for multitasking with split pane, one for each app with the ability to drag and drop content between window and QMemo to share notes between the tablet and smartphone are great for productivity.

The 10.1-inch screen delivers vibrant colours and details, and together with dual stereo speakers makes the G Pad a good entertainment tablet. For security, there is the Knock Code for secure access giving the tablet the versatility of being business tool as well as for play.

Q pair 2.0 lets you pair with any Android Smartphone. If you are an iPhone user, you will be familiar with the cloud integration between the iPhone and Mac laptop and computer. You can receive important phone calls and text from the tablet.

Dual window mode lets you split the screen for cross tasking. Open two different apps on the tablet and drag and drop content from one window to the other to efficiently use the big display for multitasking.

The smart custom keyboard is more intuitive allowing for easy input, smooth and seamless writing experience. The digital keyboard includes many easy to use features and adapts to your unique writing style.

Another noteworthy feature is the dual stereo speaker offering bigger more powerful sound with less distortion and more detail.

What Do You Need to Know

What Owners Are Saying


I found it to be an excellent Android-based slate that continually exceeds all of my expectations. My intent is to employ my new LG G Pad as my “go-to” device for most of my mobile “heavy lifting…” Internet searches, browsing, downloads, portable word processing, game playing, etc., It performs admirably in all of these roles… certainly much better than the Dell Venue 7 tablet it replaced.

– Mike Powers

Not only does it handle everything a tablet should handle (i.e.) apps, music, etc.. when you sync it to your smartphone, you can text AND receive calls on it!!!! I haven’t discovered if you can MAKE calls on it yet, but you can definitely receive calls and carry on a conversation on it while you carry on with the task you were doing when it rang. All in all, I am extremely happy with this tablet. I have a Samsung Galaxy S5 smartphone, but it will sync to ANY smartphone with QPair. The tablet has QPair on it but you will most likely have to install it on your phone for free from the Play Store. It’s worth every penny

– Extremely Satisfied

I originally had a concern regarding the amount of RAM, but the device runs admirably and all she uses it for is playing Soda Crush and Fruit smash, it doesn’t flinch. The LG phone extension works extremely well and the app devs for this did a really good job designing it.

– JWill


Before I bought this tablet, my one area of concern was its display. The LG G Pad V700’s specification sheet says it has a screen resolution of 1200 x 800; but because of the screen’s larger size, pixel density is reduced to a relatively low 149 ppi. As a result, many professional online reviewers criticize the tablet’s display as not being particularly bright, sharp, or colorful.

I needn’t have worried; my new tablet’s display is just fine. Although it lacks perhaps the last pixel’s worth of sharpness, and maybe its colors don’t “pop” quite as much as do smaller 7-inch tablets’ and even smaller smart phones’ screens, the LG V700’s display is, in fact, very crisp, clear, easy to read, and doesn’t cause any strain on my eyes – even when I’m reading books in my Amazon Kindle ebook app.

– Mike Powers

The screen is large and clear and the touch is very responsive. My husband has large hands and wide fingers and he has absolutely no problems being able to use this tablet and selecting the items he wants to. The battery life is insanely good as he has used it pretty much nonstop since it arrived and it has only needed to charge it a couple of times.

– Frequent Shopper


The tablet has a front facing and rear facing camera. The camera is adequate. I personally would not want this as my main camera… There is a fair amount of blurriness in less than perfect light conditions. But I’m guessing most people don’t buy a tablet for its camera.


Its so much better for seeing photos, videos, and reading web pages than a 7 or 8 inch one, and its still easy to carry around. The camera isn’t bad either; I used it to take pictures and post them to Facebook on a recent Europe trip. And the battery lasts a long time.

– John Y

Battery Life

Received tablet quickly. Love it! For me, it has quick response time and I cannot believe how long the battery last! I have several tablets and the battery life on this one far exceeds the others. Would recommend this to anyone.

– S Allen

I love this tablet. The battery life is unbelievable. I use it constantly and can go days without charging. My husband and I both prefer it over his iPad.

– Rebecca H.

I have had this tablet about 10 days and I am extremely pleased so far. It was very easy to set up and performs very quickly. The battery life is outstanding compared to the Samsung Tab 3 10.1 that I replaced. The Samsung I was charging every day and a half but this one will go at least 2-3 times longer.




I picked up one of these a couple of weeks back so I’m not fighting the wife for the iPad anymore. Taking it out of the box I was immediately impressed with the quality feel and finish. It’s solidly made with a textured back which makes it comfortable to use. It was also nice to see a proper mains charger in the box as some companies these days just supply a USB cable. It’s a bit heavier that it’s Apple counterpart which I didn’t really notice at first but once in a case it does feel heavier, not a big issue for me though. It does have expandable memory for micro SD cards.

– Matt J


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