USB Type-C Flash Drives – pocket friendly memory sticks with the new interface

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When something better, faster, easier to use and smaller comes along, you know it’s time to switch. That something in this case is USB Type-C. It’s now the only type of port supported on MacBook 12-inch

and new generation MacBook Pro and MacBook Pro with Touch Bar.

Naturally and progressively, tech companies are bringing out new storage devices that will take advantage of this faster and easier to use interface. No ‘right way up’ or fits any which way is already a plus compared to conventional USB ports. Smaller and more compact size mean you can make gadgets even slimmer and portable using USB Type-C. Finally, being able to take advantage of newer technology and faster transfer rate means you do not have to wait around to get the job done.

Why a USB Type-C Flash Drive

You are probably asking, why would one still need a flash drive when there is cloud storage and huge local hard disks and solid state drives on modern laptops. The idea that you can physically transferred and backed up all your important files to a flash drive instead of waiting to be connected or waiting to go back to base to Time Machine . It is also a quick way of transferring big files, collection of photos and videos quickly to another machine. To summaries, the Flash Drive is still relevant today in the following scenario:

  1. Backup documents, files and media when you are working offline
  2. Transfer video, photos, music, movies, TV shows or large amount of files quickly without a network
  3. Share files securely and restrict access to those who physically have the drive
  4. To transfer or backup files, photos, music and videos to or from smartphones and tablets with the USB Type-C port and to free up space on mobile devices
  5. Most Type-C flash drives also come with conventional USB port allowing you to move files between the desktop and laptop, tablet or smartphone.

Top 5 Best USB Type-C Flash Drives

In this article we take a look at affordable Type-C gadgets you can buy in the form of flash drives to start taking advantage of those time ports you find on either side of your MacBook or MacBook Pro.

  1. Kingston Digital Data Traveler Micro Duo USB 3C Flash Drive (16/32/64/128GB) – COMPACT, BIGGER STORAGE
  2. Silicon Power Type C Swivel Dual Flash Drive USB3.0 (32/64GB) – SWIVEL 
  3. Patriot Stellar-C Type-C/USB3.1 Flash Drive (32GB/64GB) – COMPACT, SWIVEL
  4. SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive m3.0 (16/32/64/128GB) – COMPACT, BIGGER STORAGE, SLIDE-OUT
  5. Samsung USB Type-C/USB3.1 Flash Drive (64/128GB) – BIGGER STORAGE

1. Kingston Digital Data Traveler Micro Duo 3C Flash Drive (16/32/64/128GB) – COMPACT, BIGGER STORAGE

  • DT Micro Duo 3C works with newer USB Type-C devices such as smartphones and tablets and is also compatible with USB Type-A Ports on existing USB host devices.
  • Store more – extra storage for the latest smartphones, tablets, PC and Mac computers with Type-C Ports.
  • Fast – USB 3.1 performance for speeds up to 100MB/s and 15MB/s write – so you’re not waiting for content-rich files to transfer

2. Silicon Power C80 Type-C Swivel Dual Flash Drive USB3.0 (32/64GB) – SWIVEL

  • Dual interface of USB Type-C and standard USB Type-A 3.0 Ports; ideal for your Type-C enabled devices (smartphones, tablets, and new MacBook)
  • 360 Degree swivel cap to protect the connector and to attach to the key chains
  • Easy to use: Plug & play, No drivers required Exclusive free-download file management app “SP file Explorer” for automatic file categorization and one-touch backup function

3. Samsung USB Type-C/USB3.1 Flash Drive (64/128GB) – BIGGER STORAGE

  • High-speed USB Type-C/USB 3.1 flash drive for fast data transfer of up to 150MB/s
  • Compatible with latest USB Type-C devices including mobile phones, tablets, laptops and more
  • Reliability built to last: Water, Temperature, X-Ray, Shock and Magnetic Proof

4. Patriot Stellar-C Type-C/USB3.1 Flash Drive (32GB/64GB) – COMPACT, SWIVEL

  • Dual connector: USB 3.1 Type-A “regular USB connector” and Type-C
  • Fast speed, up to 110mb/s transfer
  • All metal construction with key string provided for extra portability
  • Driverless support for most operating system
  • Portable and light weight (5 grams)

5. SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive USB Type-C (16/32/64/128GB) – BIGGER STORAGE, SLIDE-OUT

  • The flash drive for USB Type-C and Type-A
  • Easily transfer files between smartphones, tablets and computers

TYPE-B (Micro USB)

Don’t mistaken USB Type-C with the micro USB Micro-B. The later is non-reversible so can only connect one way and is more commonly found on Android devices, both tablet and smartphones.

SanDisk Ultra Dual Drive m3.0 (16/32/64/128GB) – COMPACT, BIGGER STORAGE, SLIDE-OUT

  • Free up space on your OTG-enabled Android phone
  • Back up your mobile photos, videos and contacts
  • Retractable design with dual micro-USB and USB 3.0 connectors
  • High-speed USB 3.0 performance with up to 150MB/s file transfer from drive to computer
  • SanDisk Memory Zone application (available on Google Play) lets you easily manage your photos and videos

Samsung USB 3.0 Flash Drive Duo (32/64/128GB)

  • Includes both micro (Type B) and standard USB connection
  • Slim, Sophisticated Metallic Design
  • NAND Flash Technology
  • Water proof, Shock proof, magnet proof, temp proof, and X-ray proof with a 5-year warranty

SanDisk Ultra Dual USB Drive 3.0 (32/64/128GB) – BIGGER STORAGE, SLIDE-OUT

  • The flash drive for your OTG Android phone
  • USB 3.0 and microUSB Connectors
  • Super-fast transfer speeds from drive to computer
  • SanDisk Memory Zone app manages files

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